July 25, 2018

Breakfast of Gnomes

So I’ve recently changed from Sainsbury’s own brand almond milk to hemp milk. If like me, you used to smoke a bit of weed when you were younger, you might know a little about how amazing the hemp plant is.

So amazing in fact that during the 1600’s in the US, it was illegal NOT to grow hemp. I won’t list hemp’s environmental credentials here, suffice to say, they’re way better than almond’s.

Hemp milk is also white which makes for a better instagram shot than the cream colour of almond milk. To prove it, just look at those black poppy seeds sitting in that pure white lake. It makes me want to turn myself into a tiny little gnome, sit down on one of those banana slices and dangle my little gnomey feet in that lovely cooling hemp milk – maaaaaan.

Good Hemp Website

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