November 3, 2018

Malaysian Style Potato Curry

Have you ever bought a jar of sauce because you’ve found the typeface pairing particularly engaging? I have. About once every six months I am suckered-in by some visually exciting packaging on a jar of curry sauce only to find that it’s the usual vinegary sugary crap. Will I ever learn? Curry pastes on the other hand are a god send. Although I can’t remember if the bible mentions food that much well apart from bread, but not sourdough, there’s no mention of sourdough in the bible. I’m guessing all they had in those days were pitta breads. On which note I’ve often wondered if Jesus would have eaten humus?

As I was saying, curry pastes are generally good and only need the addition of some stock and a tin of tomatoes or in this case stock and coconut milk. Also who in their right mind is going to make a Malaysian curry paste or any curry paste from scratch these days?

If you like carbs, you’ll like this as it got two types, potatoes and rice.


A pouch of Tean’s Gourmet Tumisan Kari Ayam paste for chicken curry paste

6 medium sized King Edward potatoes

1 head of broccoli cut into florets

4 portions of brown rice

A bunch of coriander

A couple of hand fulls of toasted peanuts

2 limes

1 can of coconut milk


Chop the potatoes into bite sized chunks.

Heat the curry paste and add the potatoes.

Coat the potatoes in the paste and add 200ml – 500ml of water.

Bring to the boil and simmer until the potatoes are cooked through

Add half a can of coconut milk and mix through.

Cook the brown rice according to the instructions and keep warm in a pan.

Steam or microwave the broccoli for a few minutes.

Add the rice and broccoli to a bowl, season the broccoli.

Spoon in the potato curry.

Scatter some chopped coriander and sprinkle with the toasted peanuts.


This pouch was enough for four portions so you may need to use only half and store the rest in the fridge.

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